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Welcome to Hodge GROUP

At Hodge International, we know the tools you need to conduct your business must be strong, dependable, and long lasting.

These same attributes have characterized the way Hodge International is doing business. In the year 2001, our team of Engineer experts acquired the drawings and manufacturing technology of Hodge quick opening doors and this engineering strength sets us apart as an industry leader.

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The Hodge Advantage

We stand behind our doors!

Our autoclaves and quick-opening doors offer your business and advantage you won't find anywhere else -- Hodge's three-fold commitment. Our products stand head and shoulders above the rest because of our commitment to our customers, to engineering excellence, and to safety.

  • Over 100 years of engineering and experience are built into each Hodge quick-opening door.
  • Doors lock and unlock by the rotation of a locking ring only.
  • Sealing flanges and O-ring gasket construction provides a leak-proof static seal. This static seal provides instantaneous sealing - Guaranteed!
  • Rotating ring and head wedges are custom fitted in pairs for accuracy assuring equal gasket compression.
  • All fabrications are done in accordance with the ASME Code.
  • A rugged stiffening ring serves as the mounting plate of the door hinge and helps prevent distortion to the vessel and sealing flanges despite heat, pressure, vacuum, and weight.
  • A set screw arrangement on the hinge assembly affords quick and easy adjustment in all planes and maintains the door in correct alignment.
  • The touch of a button can unlock even the largest doors in a timely manner.
  • Safety devices are installed to prevent door opening until pressure has been relieved and preventing pressurizing door until door is properly locked.

About Hodge Group

Hodge International engineering team has and continues to work to provide the best possible autoclave doors in the market. Hodge Quick-Opening Doors are sold to almost every industry, wood treating, vulcanizing, composite, glass lamination, yarn setting, sterilization, and much more. Hodge's reputation for building rugged, high quality dependable quick-opening pressure and vacuum doors has been our best sales tool.
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