Hodge Core Leachers

Core-Leaching Autoclaves

Core Leaching and removal system, is a self-contained high pressure, high temperature capable caustic autoclave system, utilized in the removal of ceramic inserts from high nickel alloy investment castings. Each system is custom designed for the application and the product processed


Vessel Construction

The core leaching autoclave will be a heavy commercial grade autoclave. It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance to the ASME and National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors code. They are designed in accordance to your specifications and requirements. Corrosion resistant materials are used throughout the vessel to provide longevity and reliability during the systems life time.


Key Benefits

  • Efficient removal of ceramic cores from enclosed cavities
  • Reduce cycle times from days to hours
  • Easy to operate and maintain through advanced control systems
  • Reduced operating costs through optional caustic re-use
  • Enhance safety with low temperatures and pressures within a totally contained system
  • Minimal operator involvement
  • Designed to handle the ever-changing geometry of cores and castings.